Tour of Jeju Island in Korea

Jeju Island I want to go again

One of the must-visit places for foreigners who want to travel to Korea is Jeju Island.
Korea consists of land and dozens of small islands.
Jeju is the largest island among them. Jeju has a population of about 680,000 people. Jeju is a place where there are many rocks, windy, and many women. This word seems to tell the characteristics and history of Jeju well. If you go to Jeju Island, you can see a very windy and surrounded by basalt, and I think these words came out because Jeju has a small population of men.
Jeju Island has beautiful scenery and various theme parks, so it is a good place for families to travel. Koreans used to come on honeymoon a lot in the past, and many people come to Jeju to see the beautiful scenery of Jeju. In Jeju, Hallasan Mountain, East, West, North, and South can see the sea, so you can feel the beautiful scenery, and I think it’s a great place for people who like fishing to come to Jeju.