United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 2020.8

Data on Major Economic Trends in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 2020.8

1. Construction. Plant Trends
□ Finish bidding for Dalma Shower Gas Development Project
ᄋ Technical bidding conducted by the ordering agency (Adnoc) was completed on August 20, and commercial bidding was completed.
Extend from 8.30 days to 9.6 days
* Due to the influence of Corona 19, Adnoc conducted additional price negotiations with the Petropac.
Adnoc declares contract cancellation (4.16) because the contractor does not accept it.
ᄋ Six major EPC construction companies reportedly participated in the project ($16.5 billion).
It is working (Med, 8.25)
* Bidding participants: McDermott (USA), Petrofac (UK), Saipem (Italy), and Hyundai Engineering.
& Construction (Korea), CPECC (China), NPCC (UAE)
□ Finished bidding for the Umm Shaif gas and oil development project
ᄋ (gas development) Adnoc is the basis for the first phase of the $1.5 billion Ump gas development project.
Finished Commercial Bidding for Design (FEED) (8.24) – Feed-to-EPCI Competition Scheme by Feed Selection Companies
It will be promoted by winning orders
* Participant: 1McDermott (USA), 2National Petroleum Construction Company (UAE)/
TechnipFMC (France), 3Saipem (Itari)/Petropac (UK),
ᄋ (oil development) Umm Sharp long-term development plan ordered by Adnoc Offshore 1st stage
Technical bid completed (8.20) with business (400 million dollars), pending commercial bid
– The second phase of the project is worth between $15 and $2 billion and is currently under feasibility study.
* Participant: McDermott (USA), NPCC (UAE) Sapura Energy (Malaysia),
Saipem (Italy), Petrofac (British), Larsen & Toubro (India)

□ Bidding for the development of petrochemical production facilities (Borouge4)
ᄋ $4 billion worth of PQ related to the development of petrochemical production facilities (Borouge4)
Submission of related documents (8.6) closed and under internal review
– The project produces 3.3 million tons of olefin and aromatics annually, and 1.8 million tons.

facilities aimed at producing ethylene
ᄋ Submit the PQ review documents by July 30th, and the bidding qualification will be reviewed, and the bidding invitation (ITB) will be submitted.
Distribute at the end of this year and order decision expected in Q3 of 21
* Greece (Archirodon, CCC), UAE (Consolidated Contractors Eng, Dodsal Eng & Con),
Korea (Samsung Engineering, Hyundai Engineering & Construction), Germany (Bilfinger Deutsche Babcock), Britain (Petropac),
Participating in Italy, Texas Reunidas, etc.
□ Second stage of technical bidding for the development of Al-Dabbiya-cultivated crude oil
ᄋ Adnoc Onshore, a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation (Adnoc) is worth $2.5 billion.
Technical Bidding Closed for Phase 2 of Regional Sustainable Projects (8.23)
* Second development paper of Al-Dabbiya field sustainability project
ᄋ The project is an EPC project, which includes oil wells, pipelines, etc. for additional production of crude oil.
A number of domestic and foreign companies, including installation projects, participated in the bidding.
* Petrofac, Greece, Italy, China,
Pakistan (Descon), India (India), Egypt (Petrojet), etc.
□ Bidding for the basic design (Feed) of the gas pipe network performance improvement project
ᄋ Adnoc Gas Processing improves gas pipe network performance worth 1.6 billion dollars.
Conduct a Commercial Bid for Basic Design for Business (8.26)
* Feasibility study is being conducted by China Petroleum Engineering, and basic design
Technical bid for (Feed) closed 4.19 days

ᄋ Basic design for performance improvement projects (worth $10 million) is available throughout the Emirates.
Improving pipe network performance and increasing supply capacity
* UK, Germany, USA, Canada, France, China, Austria, etc. participated in the Feed bid.
□ Dubai government is pushing for orders for PPP for construction waste disposal projects
ᄋ The Dubai government has a construction waste disposal plant in the Al-Marmoom area.
Request to submit RFIs (8.19) for PPP-based creation
ᄋ Construction is planned to be completed by 2023, based on the Build Operate Transfer method.
Special Purpose Company (SPC) will be established and promoted as
□ Promotion of consolidation of major construction companies (NMDC/NPCC) in Abu Dhabi
ᄋ Abu Dhabi Government Public Corporation (Sennat) is a state-run oil construction company (NPCC) and a state-run marine corporation.
Propose a Consolidation Plan of the NMDC to the NMDC
– If the two companies are merged, they will import $24.1 billion as of 19 years ago, making it the most popular company in the Ahjung-dong region.
Becoming a major crude oil/gas/ship engineering EPC company
ᄋ The proposal is to transfer and consolidate NPCC to the NMDC.
5.75 million shares will be converted into common shares, with a price of $300 million.
□ Selection of Dubai Jumeirah Lake Tower Residential Facility Development Program
ᄋ Seven Tides will be located in Dubai at the Jumeirah Lake Tower
Housing project (2.7 billion dollars) was ordered by AiroLink and is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2023.
ᄋ The project covers 35.2 nuclear tar, with 2,617 studios and one to three rooms.
It consists of an apartment and a hotel with 78 rooms, including 49 stores, movie theaters, large marts, and parking facilities.

□ Preparing safety standards related to commercial operation of Dubai and unmanned drones
ᄋ The Dubai Road Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Air Control Service (DANS) are responsible for the autonomous vehicles.
MOUs concluded (8.25) to prepare safety and security matters related to operations.
– Sharing information on experts, high-tech companies, test programs, and other means of flight
Cooperation to prepare detailed guidelines for take-off and landing sites
ᄋ The MOU was announced by the Dubai government in July on the operation of unmanned aircraft.
Promotion to prepare administrative and institutional devices after the publication of statutes
* In 2017, the world’s first drone taxi was launched in Dubai, but official commercial operation was launched.
A situation in which institutional devices, such as safety standards, are not yet in place.