Covid-19 prevention and infection rules

Corona 19 prevention and infection rules

Corona -19 prevention and
 infection rules

What are the characteristics 

of infection symptoms?

Early common symptoms

 include fever, fatigue, dry cough,

 body pain, sore throat, headache, 

and diarrhea. If phlegm is accompanied 

at this time, it is more likely to be sinusitis

 or bronchitis than corona infection.

 Pneumonia can occur if the virus enters

 the bronchi and lungs 5 to 6 days 

after infection. In pneumonia, symptoms

 of high fever and shortness of breath appear.

 The amount of virus is high at a mild 

initial stage with symptoms of

 a slight throat. 

Rather, the infectivity is high when

 the patient does not know 

exactly whether it is infected.

What should I do when

 I suspect infection?

It is difficult to accurately

 discriminate only with symptoms

. In some cases, symptoms of

 gastroenteritis such as diarrhea

 and abdominal pain without respiratory 


 In the end, real-time PCR tests 

are needed to confirm the diagnosis,

 but the problem is that patients 

with respiratory infections and

 gastrointestinal infections are too common.

 Respiratory infections and 

gastrointestinal infections are all

 diseases that can be improved by 

taking a symptom-controlling drug

 for 2-3 days and stably treatment. 

Therefore, in reality, it is recommended 

to undergo an examination at a screening

 clinic once there is no improvement 

or deterioration even after watching

 while self-isolation for 2-3 days.

  1. Please tell us your living rules to prevent infection,Corona -19.

First, the coronavirus is vulnerable to heat. 

Taking a hot shower (running water)

 for personal hygiene can be

 beneficial to your health. Second, 

watch out for handles or surfaces

 that could be contaminated.

 If you touch a suspected contaminated object, 

immediately wash your hands with 

soap or running water, or use an

 alcoholic hand sanitizer. Third, 

if possible, open the door with your 

feet without holding the door handle.

 In many cases, infection is

 transmitted through hands by 

unconsciously rubbing the eyes and 

touching the nose, so wash your

 hands often. Fourth, 

frequent oral cleaning

 (brushing) can also be prevented.

From when will daily life be possible?

The infectivity is about 2.2

 people per patient, but it is 

twice as high considering 

that the general flu is about 

1.2 people. Currently, it is recognized 

that there is a possibility of 

spreading to the local community 

in the metropolitan area, and it is 

expected that a large number of patients will 

continue to occur sporadically through 

close contact due to the nature

 of Corona 19, which has a strong

 transmission power. Do.

Although it is difficult to predict

 the timing of meetings, 

events, and opening of a school,

 it is believed that it is mainly caused

 by close contact, so it is necessary

 to wait until the point in time when 

the infection in the local community 

almost disappears. So far, there 

have been no cases of infection

 from outdoor activities. Outdoor 

exercise is fine, 

but it’s best to avoid meeting

 people or contacting 

them during activities.

Is it absolutely necessary for 
the general public to wear a mask?


In the case of wearing a mask,

 if there is an active community 

infection, it is effective in spreading

 and preventing infectious


but if there is no community

 infection or the risk is low, 

it is judged that it is not necessary 

for the general public to wear it. 

However, elderly people 65 years 

of age or older, who are known to 

have a high mortality rate due to

 Corona 19, and people with underlying 

diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure,

 kidney disease, cerebrovascular disease, etc.)

 are for health use in confined spaces 

and places where many people gather.

 It is necessary to wear a mask.

It is a principle not to reuse health masks. 

There is no established method

 for sterilization and drying while 

preserving the filter function. 

However, it is better to wear a cotton

 mask than to not use a health mask 

if there is not enough or not. 

It is better to dry it in a clean place

 and reuse it than to not use it.

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