Meanest Lamborghini Urus by Mansory

Meanest Lamborghini Urus by Mansory

what’s up guys oh my god that’s what i have to put up
with in dubai honestly what’s up guys thanks for joining the channel um i just

noticed i’m going to show you this car in just a second but before i do

this is the key for it right and then i just noticed the key fob

has diamonds on it that is so extra that’s ridiculous what’s more ridiculous


is this car come on over guys so this is the lamborghini auris
mansory edition
this car actually costs around 330 000 and then once you do all of this the kit
and caboodle to it it costs over half a million dollars
you guys half a million dollars that’s what you’re looking at right here and
you know what’s even crazier than that this guess how much this
tiny little piece of metal costs the same amount as the car are you
kidding me half a million dollars for this and half
a million bucks for this so we have got a million dollars just
sitting here in this car park right now let me show you around come on over so
this is the man story edition as i said so man sorry kind of
pimps out cars so you can go to mansuri and be like yo

i’ve got a standard auris like pimp it out so what they do is they completely



rework the front here you can see it’s just a whole lot more
extreme it’s like super super manly right
so you’ve got these like really exaggerated lines here
look at this and then they’ve replaced all of this front bumper
and then they’ve also got these side wings here like the whole front has
basically changed let me actually talk about the hood this
is the change that you’ll see most when you look at this car
the whole hood has changed into carbon fiber how sweet is that with these air

vents i don’t know about you guys but i

actually love the look of this car like love love love
but to pay an extra two hundred thousand dollars just for the mansory upgrade
that’s like buying a porsche turbo you guys two hundred thousand you could have
a lamborghini auras and a porsche turbo or you could have the lamborghini auras

with the updated mansory kit that insane right you’ve got these


beautiful rims here 24 inch the standard is 21 inch on the aorus
you got the side skirts here like all these carbon fiber elements
running along the side come around the back guys you know what i just realized

i’m actually getting the same size rims for my rolls-royce wraith

these things are massive i’m not sure if i’ve done the right thing
i was like yeah let’s go massive let’s get 24 inch
and now i’m looking at them on this and they’re even beastly on an suv so i
don’t know how they’re going to look on my wraith
maybe like crazy too big i’m not sure but hey that’s what i got
so i’m actually going to be doing up my wraith next week so that video is going
to come out really really soon i’m super excited to show you what i’m doing
okay back to the aurus this back i absolutely

love you’ve got this whole new rear diffuser here with all of these fins

they’ve all been added all of this carbon fiber is new and
what is cool is you’ve got a whole new exhaust system
on the standard auris you’ve got the exhaust here so two over here
and two here what they’ve done is completely replaced the exhaust system
popped it in the middle and now you’ve got this cool like triangular pattern
plus that replacing the exhaust and some tuning in the engine
means this one has 30 horsepower more so this auris mansuri edition has
around 670 horsepower up from 640. ready
are you ready all right here we go so this is the interior of
the aorus and they’ve kind of they’ve done some like updating here in
the interior as well man sorry um do you want to actually pop around
the passenger side sergey and we can get the aircon going
come on in right i’m gonna just pop this key here this keychain is actually from
vip motors um the owner ahmed has actually lent out

his personal car to me today so this is his personal car this is how you turn

around you can pop that up
now let’s put the aircon on just a tiny bit so we don’t all die
all right now did you guys hear what i heard when i started this up

the bubbles from the back like the whole exhaust system has been changed


and it sounds ridiculous okay you were no down
let’s just give it a bit of a rule look i’m gonna put it in
um sports mode guys so you just pull this down
like that and
wait coarser
that’s crazy how freaking amazing is that
sounds so good you guys holy moly even better when you drive
when i first when i was driving it out of the shower i was like
oh my god this is mad if you ever find yourself in the driver’s seat of an
auris this is how you put it in reverse because
i was like couldn’t remember for a little while so i’m playing around with
everything this whole thing comes back and i really like that they
kind of go for like a like a jet fighter style and then it
starts beeping put it in drive you just click this
click the little paddle forward and this whole thing is touch screen
which is quite nice and what i also like it’s called haptic feedback
and basically what that means is it feels like real buttons
it like feels like you’re clicking it which is really cool and then you’ve got
this 3d camera which we all love and we just saw
that on my last car review you can just move
your finger and the car it’ll show you what’s around the car
in 3d in real time
how cool is that it even reads the background like the skyline and stuff
way yeah that’s crazy look at the detail like you can see all of these little
individual balconies here and if i turn the wheel let’s see yeah
look at this i’m turning the wheel and it turns in
real time like that that’s so cool wow this is a four liter
uh twin turbo v8 and the standard urus has
around 640 horsepower this one as i said has been tuned so it’s now got 670
horsepower zero to 100 in around three and a half
seconds it’s one of the fastest suvs in the world
okay you’ve got a million modes in this car

one two three four five six six going on a million



and this is animoso basically you’ve got to pull this through
to change the modes and up here on the dash
also changes every single mode i’m just going to flick it into corsa
that will change again did you hear that how the exhaust opens up more you can
hear that immediately it sounds incredible
then you’ve got sabia that is desert mode and look the whole front goes down
i felt that oh no it’s coming back up again oh it’s

playing around and then terra is earth so

if you’re going over you know rugged terrain and then you’ve got
nev which is snow there you go and then back into strata
and if you own a lamborghini it is illegal to keep your lamborghini in
strata mode it is just for sure you are not allowed
to drive it in strata mode basically that is the quietest mode ever
you’ve always got to flip it into sport or corsa okay that’s how it works
all right let’s go for a drive there’s not much to show you in the back like
you can get you can get a two-seater version here in
the back with the like center console it’s a bit more sporty a bit more fancy
but this one has three
zero to 100 in three and a half seconds
oh holy moly yeah that’s got some pool like you know
this is meant to be a supercar suv and it does it does feel supercourage
it has that kind of stiff like grit to it

and you hear that gurgling isn’t that amazing


oh if i had this car i’d just keep downshifting
that sounds so awesome you guys
holy moly insane insane right guys that’s it i hope you
liked it i did massive thank you to vip motors

for and actually the owner of vip motors ahmed this is his personal car and he’s

like yeah take it out there you go here are my keys i’m like
okay thank you so much alright see you guys

soon bye


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