The fall of Japan’s semiconductor industry and shipbuilding industry


Japan has been trying to overcome

 the crisis after being pushed

 by Korea in many industries.


The representative industry is semiconductor
In the 1980s, Japan occupied nearly 

80% of the world market share
Most of the world semiconductor

 market was occupied by Japanese companies.
However, the US semiconductor agreement 

in 1986 caused the semiconductor 

to collapse slowly.

It started, and from the late 1990s, 

it was pushed by Korea and Taiwan.

However, the bigger mistake

 in Japan was to merge between 

the fallen companies and try to catch Korea.

In 2009, it made a business proposal 

with tmc in Taiwan and received

 public funds of 130 billion yen from 

the Japanese government, 

but it was the largest ever 

with a total debt of 6,200 billion won.

The bankruptcy of the scale led 

to the acquisition of Micron in the US in 2012.

There are a few more cases 

where Japanese companies that have

 fallen apart have been merged, but there is

 Japan Marine United, which was born through 

the merger in 2012, saying it

 will catch up with Korean shipbuilding.

However, as Korea lags behind 

in technology, it is at the top of Sanbuk-ri this year.

It is reported that

 the Japanese shipyard of the merger

 with Imabal will be officially launched.

Shows Japan’s willingness to 

surpass Korea by promoting the merger 

of working shipyards at the same time

 that Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo 

Shipbuilding and Marine Corps oppose

 illness and file a complaint against wto.


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There is a Japan display made by Sony 

and others incorporating the liquid crystal business.

 The company received an investment of

 about $2.5 billion from Apple, 

but as an oled panel,

As the whole trend shifts, we are walking

 on the road to decline, and even more,

 Apple believed it oled all the iPhone 

models that will be released 

in the second half.


While Samsung Display, which accounts

 for 90% of the world market share, 

is benefiting from the decision to mount

 the Japanese display industry,

 the Japanese display industry 

will have no holes to break up.
In this way, the Japanese semiconductor

 and shipbuilding business are on the path 

of collapse due to Japanese oversight.


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