Current Status of Measures for Foreign Immigrants in South Korea (by Country Order)

2020.7.20.(Mon), 17:00 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Overseas National Safety Division) ※ The following measures are provided for your convenience as a reference for informational purposes. Also visit
National and regional jurisdictions (embassies, consulates, branches, branch offices, etc.) homepages, official government homepages, etc.
Please. ※ Following the provisional suspension of the Visa Exemption Agreement by the Korean government to respond to Corona 19, 4.13. Afterwards, visit the country of interest for short-term stays
Koreans wishing to leave the country will leave the country until the agreement is resumed, even if the country is allowed to enter the country by banning entry.
Please note that you must obtain a visa for your country. (For the list of countries, please check the third attachment of this bulletin)

No. Country/region Action
1 Ghana ▸ Prohibition of entry to all foreign and foreign nationals due to blockade of borders (land, sea, air) until further notice (5.31)
2 Gabon
▸ Prohibition of entry to foreigners who have arrived after visiting Korea, China, Iran, and Italy (3.9.) ※ Diplomats (requiring prior notice 48 hours before entry) and residents are allowed entry
Quarantine measures for 14 days in case of symptoms through medical examination upon arrival
※ When entering for economic purposes, the relevant authorities must be notified in advance
※ Suspension of tourist visas for Korea, China, the United States and the EU (3.13.)
※ From March 20, border blockade by land and sea
※ From 7.1., border opening through air (6.30.)
Please refer to the attached file for the rest of the country.

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