Emirates airline staff may drop by 15%. Corona19 causes

Emirates may cut

15% due to corona crisis

Tim Clark, president of the United 

Arab Emirates Emirates, the largest 

airline in the Middle East, told the BBC

 that the Corona19 crisis could cut down

 to 15% of employees.

The airline employs about 60,000 people

 and can lose up to 9,000 people.

This is the first time a Middle Eastern airline 

has the largest sales and 

a number of speculations have been

 made over Emirates’ relatively tight 

fiscal cuts.

“Emirates’ conditions aren’t

 as severe as other airlines,” Clark said. “

I expected this year to be the best year

 before the corona 19 pandemic,

 but the current situation has 

changed rapidly.”

On March 25, Emirates suspended 

all passengers on 157 routes, except

 for cargo planes and special planes

 for withdrawal purposes.

We plan to resume operating regular 

routes from last month and re-operate

 58 routes until the middle of next month.

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