Corona 19… 1772 deaths/ Kazakh



vCorona 19… 1772 deaths/  Kazakh




Unidentified pneumonia Kazakh

 hit harder than Corona 19… 1772 deaths

A Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan has 

warned that there is a surge in the number of 

unexplained pneumonia 

in Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

It has been reported that the mortality 

rate is much higher than that of the new coronavirus

 infection (Corona19), and local health authorities

have investigated it, and containment orders 

have been implemented in areas where

 pneumonia has surged.

WHO “Kazakh pneumonia 

may be untested Corona 19″


WHO Deputy Secretary for Emergency 

Preparedness Michael Ryan made the comments 

during a video press briefing held at the 

WHO headquarters in Geneva, 

Switzerland on the 10th.

Deputy Secretary-General Ryan added that 

the trend of increasing cases of Corona19

 in Kazakhstan suggests that many 

cases may actually be untested Corona19.


Earlier, Chinese media reported that

 the Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan called

attention to its citizens in the WeChat account,

 saying that unidentified pneumonia is

 spreading in Kazakhstan, 

which has a much higher fatality

 rate than Corona19.


However, the Ministry of Health 

of Kazakhstan refuted the statement,

 “Some Chinese media reports are not true.”


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