Indian troops move ahead with 41 units of’K9 ……

Indian troops move ahead
with 41 units of’K9 self-propelled artillery’

k9 self-propelled artillery 

“Hanhwa export’green light’


The Indian Army delivered 41 of 

the K9 self-propelled artillery guns,

 which had been upgraded to suit the local K9

 self-propelled artillery,

 a few months earlier, and was deployed. 

The 10 K-9 self-propelled

 artillery guns delivered 

by Hanwha Defense at the end of 

2018 appear to have demonstrated 

their outstanding ability in the field between

 India and Pakistan.


The’real experience’ is considered 

the biggest consideration in importing

 weapons from each country. Following

 the excellent cost-performance ratio of the K9,

 the green light was turned on to expand 

export countries such as Eastern 

Europe and Africa, which are new targets

for development, while also verifying

 their ability to practice.

According to related industries

 and foreign media on the 12th, the Indian

 Army recently joined the weapons system 

by significantly speeding up the delivery 

schedule of 41 SPGs for K-9 barge. 

The supply was delivered by L&T,

 a local defense company headquartered

 in Mumbai, India.

In 2017, Hanwha Defense 

(at the time, Hanwha Techwin) 

signed an export contract with the Indian

 government for 100 K9 self-propelled guns. 

At the time, the contract size was

45 billion rupees (720 billion won). 

This is a part of the technology transfer value.

The first 10 were produced in Korea

 and delivered to India. The remaining 

90 are produced at a local factory invested

 by Indian defense company L&T with technical

 support from Hanwha Defense.

In a foreign interview, L&T said, 

“We delivered some of the K9 Bagra 

self-propelled artillery a few months 

ahead of the contract delivery date.”

The Indian government originally

 planned to finish deploying 100 K9 

self-propelled guns by November this year.

 It is expected that the entire schedule 

will be advanced ahead of schedule as 

the 41 doors are delivered earlier.

Hanwha Defense Systems is a project that

is a 5:5 ratio joint venture with local

 companies in terms of the amount of

 export contracts and

 the performance of orders.

The K9 self-propelled artillery, 

which is being produced in India,

 has been modified to suit

 the local environment, 

such as heat and desert terrain,

 and was named’Bajira (Hindi in Thunder)’.


 It is said that it is sometimes called’King

 Kong’ in the big success of K9 

self-propelled artillery.


Hanwha Corporation 

Good News


In addition, the K9 self-propelled artillery

 is also evaluated in India for its unique 

mobility, while it has been evaluated for

 its thick armor and high hitting accuracy, 

and the Indian government is also 

successfully evaluating the introduction

 of the K9 self-propelled artillery.