Han Ye Seul, a Korean Actress

Han Ye Seul, a Korean Actress

Han Ye Seul, a Korean Actress

An actor who started out as

 a super model in 2001 

and is currently doing several 

dramas and CFs.

 Because I have an active 

and pure image,

 I often appear in dramas related to love.

Actress Han Ye-seul is haughty and prim?’

Actress Han Ye-seul, known for her urban image.

 What about Han Ye-seul’s personality, 

who speaks for herself? 

Han will return to the small screen 

for the first time in more 

than a year through MBC’s

 “Fantastic Couple” 

(playwright Hong Jeong-eun, 

Hong Mi-ran, director Kim Sang-ho).

“I don’t watch TV and I don’t do much on the Internet,” 

Han said at a press conference

 on Wednesday

. I didn’t really know what kind of image

 my fans had about me, 

but I think I’ve heard stories of 

being cold, 

urban, naughty, naughty,”

 he said.

However, her explanation 

is that Han Ye-seul’s personality

 is the opposite. 



Han Ye-seul said, “I think I can be more 

confident because I don’t think that’s 

what I look like. “I think I’m very 

easygoing and manly,

 and I believe that someday 

my fans will see who I really am,” he said.