Choo Mi-ae, and explicit pressure on Yoon Seok-yeol to step down with ‘throwing away her side’

Choo Mi-ae, and explicit pressure on Yoon Seok-yeol to step down with 'throwing away her side'

Minister Chu didn’t stop here, 

but today he was in public about 

the National Assembly or the public hearing…

 Prosecutor General Yoon Suk-ryul has 

continued his strong criticism… …

We’ve listened to it a little bit.

 Now, Minister Choo and

 Yoon Seok-yeol are in conflict…
Oh, this is more than just a simple conflict.

 Yes, it is. Uh, the chief’s sharp remarks 

and the support shots of the ruling camp.
If you look at a series of processes,

 including the Justice Ministry’s decision,

 the inspection of prosecutor Han Dong-hoon is 

not just an inspection,

 but an all-out situation for Yoon.

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It’s a pressure. The way the legal 

profession sees it, it’s…In short, 

not only Han Dong-hoon but

 also Yoon Seok-yeol should step down.

This is a message from my passport.
Now, no matter how bold Yoon is, 

I think this is a very tense situation,

 but Yoon resigned voluntarily.
Don’t you feel this simple atmosphere 

while you’re covering the prosecution?

 What do you think? We’ve already 

crossed this river, so we can either resign or…

Since Yoon is still in a position to

 be briefed on and instructed on various cases,

 the task remains to be explained 

the real truth of the case and sleep…

추미애 윤석열

However, Yoon Seok-yeol is not very obedient.
I’ve heard this before. Well, how about that?
But so far, according to these regulations and procedures,

Yoon is suspected of…
Perhaps because he has the right to direct events,

We find a breakthrough

in the way we can

sort out the truth.
Yes, but Yoon is also confused. Yes.