Delicious tropical fruits imported from Thailand …

Korean fruit import procedure

I am trying to import delicious tropical

 fruits from Thailand and Southeast Asia.

It is in the distribution of fruit in Korea,

 and the importing country is Southeast Asia.

I want to get a little knowledge

 about the fruit import procedure….

Let me explain briefly.

In the case of tropical fruit, whether

 it is an importable region or 

a product that can be imported

You must check in advance.

In the case of raw fruits, when importing,

 go through food quarantine and plant 

quarantine procedures and proceed

 with customs clearance procedures.

It’s possible.

For reference, the following fruits can be

imported from Thailand and Southeast Asia.

1.Durian: Thailand

2. Blue Banana: all over the world

3. Coconut palm: all over the world

4. Pineapple: all over the world

5. Mango: Thailand

-Mango import requirements are

 increased at the place of production

(10 minutes at 47 degrees), local to

the Korean Plant Protection Officer

Quarantine is required.

6. Pongkang Orange: Taiwan

-Import requirements are low-temperature treatment

 at the place of production (14 days at 0~1 degrees)

, local quarantine by

 the Korea Plant Quarantine Office, etc.

Other than the above

fruits, imports from Southeast

Asia, such as Thailand, are not permitted.

In addition, the National Plant Quarantine

Service ( 

related to the importable fruits

Please inquire