What to prepare for getting a job in Korea

What to prepare for getting a job in Korea

What do foreigners need to


if they want to get a job in Korea?

First, the language

must be prepared

by default.

It would be good to

take the Korean

language proficiency test.

Second, when choosing a college major,

it is advantageous to obtain an E7 visa

if you have a college major related 

to employment in advance.

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And when applying

for a job in Korea,

you should choose a professional

occupation as

a related major.

Third, if you marry a Korean,

marry one person

and live well,

everything will be solved.

As Korea entered

the ranks of advanced countries,

economic and cultural

politics has developed

to a high level in the world.

Treatment for

foreigners is also

highly regarded.

Compared to other

European countries and th

e United States,

life for foreigners is

more stable.

So getting a job

in Korea will feel tricky.


my life in Korea is

rich and peaceful,

so I hope that I will work hard

and prepare hard enough to

get a job

in Korea.

I also have experience working abroad,

so when I meet people

who have come to Korea,

they are kind to me.

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